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VERY BRITISH: NAIL POLISH AND MAKEUP BY butter LONDON As Sasha Muir in 2005 founded the company and one of London's prime fashion manicurists got to the page, the basic mixture for the now world's most famous nail polish brands originated.

Since butter LONDON lives for one thing: "We believe in Rock & Roll. Great Britain. And Fashion. Long live colour". OUR INSPIRATION? THE TRENDS OF FASHION WEEK, the colour creations by butter LONDON arise directly in the splendour and glamor of Fashion Week in New York and London - individually designed and tailored to the current runway fashion of the hottest designers. This makes the products authentic and the colours so unique.

In the development of innovative make-up and nail polish colours, butter LONDON sparked his passion for colours and unleashed irrepressible creativity. The collections are sophisticated, extravagant and irresistible - a declaration of love to the beauty of every fashionista. Stars, high-profile designers and pampered celebrities swear on the long-lasting, quick-drying and highly pigmented nail polishes from butter LONDON. In addition, the wide range of shades of make-up looks to surprise again and again - an eye-catcher at every performance.

OUR COSMETIC PRODUCTS? INCOMPARABLE! For the fashionista, butter LONDON is an expression of her strong, confident personality and an exclusive styling icon. butter LONDON knows the taste of discerning customers and exceeds their wildest dreams with new creations in cosmetic products . Women wearing butter LONDON, give yourself satisfaction with less.

NAIL LACQUER Inspired by the latest trends and new colours of Fashion Week, the designers of butter LONDON create exceptional products: long-lasting, colour-rich and simply stunning nail lacquers . The cult brand from the UK ensures true delight on your hands.

butter LONDON is setting new standards in the beauty world: The products are available in every season, the absolute must-have fashion accessory: a reluctant matte nail polish, strong shimmering nail polish or striking glittery nail polish . Nothing can put an outfit the crown as the nail polishes of the British trendsetter more. The breathtakingly beautiful colours of butter LONDON nail lacquers also accept most indulgent dressing tables a place of honour. For a long stop the unbeatable trio of butter LONDON provides Base Coat Nail Foundation, lacquer and matte top coat matte finish or glossy top coat Hardwear .

MAKEUP Inspired by the colours of the nail polishes are as convincing the butter LONDON make-up products with sassy, vibrant shades for your eyes , lips and your complexion - as usual in British casual chic. If the individual products applied in combination, to be exquisitely beautiful make-up looks create - stylish on the day and seductive in the night. The world of men will not know whether you should start to decline your charming lips, or your stunning eyelashes. butter LONDON mascara , butter LONDON Eye Pencil and butter LONDON eyeshadows are easy to apply and long lasting - the different colours shimmer of deep black to bright pink. The delicate shades for the lips are unlikely sexy - with a smile from your lips glossy, no one will dare refuse you a wish. Your counterpart will, however, immediately the Beatles classic "Come Together" and "Love me do" want to play it in a loop.

NAIL, BODY AND FOOT CARE PRODUCTS For a perfect manicure, include the high quality nail care products of butter LONDON. Beautiful nails need the best care: Starting with the right finish for your nails, from over pampering butter LONDON nail oil “Handbag Holiday” through to butter LONDON nail hardener “Horsepower”. The natural, nourishing ingredients are just the thing for demanding nails. After a stressful day and a night of dancing in your favourite high heels, your feet want only one thing: butter LONDON foot care products. The pedicure collection represents what is missing from the pedicure world – products with genuinely exciting ingredients, wrapped in high fashion luxuriously packaged. Feet are officially sexy.